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Product Details

  • Color: White
  • Finish: Sandblated
  • Product Type: Marble
  • Thickness: 1.1/4"
  • Sizes available: 6x12" | 12x24" | 16x24" | 24x24" | French Pattern
  • Pricing Per: Square feet
  • Minimum Order: 1 Full crate/pallet 


Description and Application

Crystal White background with grey veining or patterns.  Premium selection of durable mable pavers. Textured Sandblasted surface finish great for all outdoor projets. Slip resistant sandblasted finish makes it a perfect choice for wet areas such as pool decks and surrounds.  

Suitable; for exterior projects like driveway, walkways, patios, pool deck and many other outdoor projects.   

 Exellent choice for the white Italian marble.


Natural Stone: Stone products marble, travertine and limestone are of a natural origin and  have variations in color, shades, marking, veining and patterns. Each piece is unique and is never same as another piece exactly. "And that is the beauty of the natural stone."



All natural stone products are to be properly sealed. We recommend sealing with an A rated Water-based  and Penetrating Stone Sealer. 

Sealing will protect your stone from stains, mold, moisture, etc.


Setting / Installing

 Tiles: We recommend; all light-colored porous material to be installed with  white setting / thin-set material. 

Pavers: 1]  set over a properly compacted sand-bed. 2] installed over concrete slab just like tiling. 3] Pavers can also be set over sand-bed that is compacted over concrete-slab. In this case the contactor need to make sure that concrete slab under the sand have proper slope for rain-water drainage. 

Quantity per 1 full crate for each size

6x12 = 200 sqft  per pallet

12x24= 132 sqft per crate

16x24= 176 sqft per crate

24x24= 132 sqft per crate

F.Pattern Set=176 sqft per crate


Technical Specifications                                  

  • Density, min lb/ft3 (kg/m3):  162 (2590)1, 175 (2800)2
  • Absorption by weight, max:  % 0.20
  • Compressive strength, min, psi (MPa):   7500 (52)
  • Modulus of rupture, min, psi (MPa):   1000 (7 MPA)
  • Abrasion resistance, min, hardness:  10
  • Flexural strength, min, psi (MPa):  1000 (7 MPA)
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycle: Pass / No cracking

Carrara White | Sandblasted Marble Pavers

PriceFrom $3.95
1 Square foot
    For Puchases - Please contact us below


    • Click Size option above to see available sizes and pricing for each size.

    • Enter Square Feet amount in the Quantity section for flooring. Or, enter Pieces for accessory and mosaics. 

    • Then, Add to Cart to see Shipping & Totals.


    •  Tile & Paver order; Minimum 300 sq.ft. required

    • Accessories; No minimum required.

    • For more than 2000 sq.ft. we recommend you request an ESTIMATE for more accurate shipping rates.


    • All in stock tile orders ships in about 3-5 days of payment.

    • Pick-ups available at our warehouse.

    • Freight tracking & info provided after orders left our warehouse. [for more info click below]

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